Year 8 Students Find Out How Towns Are Planned


How often do you think about the planning that goes into the amenity of our community? Why are parks, roads, shopping centres and playing ovals located where they are? If you were in charge, how would you cope with the massive growth of the City of Wyndham – 13 new babies are born into the locality every day!! These dilemmas were outlined for the year 8 Geography students this week. Students attentively listened as Town Planners, Diana and Andrew, spoke about the important role of town planning in the growth of our community. Students were asked what they “loved, found frustrating and wanted to improve” in the City of Wyndham. Some of the responses to “love” were the community feel, parks, shopping centres and youth services. The suggestions for “want to improve” were less traffic congestion, more sporting facilities and job opportunities for young people. Diana and Andrew lead the students through an understanding of the role that town planners have in our overall government system, how they both trained and studied to be town planners and finally some of the exciting projects being planned in our City. Students learned about the impressive new soccer stadium under development as well as the innovations in transport through trackless trams. Our Year 8 students will be undertaking a careers program throughout 2020 as Year 9 students and it is opportunities such as these that provide our students with greater knowledge of possible career pathways.