Year 9 English Examination


Last Wednesday, our Year 9 students experienced their first exam at Featherbrook College. The introduction of exams for Year 9 students has been a work in progress and it was very welcomed by students, teachers and parents alike. The English exam hails as the first of further examinations to take place this semester for Year 9 students.

Assistant Principal Dale Brown along with English teachers Gemma Shearer and Jennifer Alvarez had worked to develop an English exam that would challenge and stretch our Year 9 students who will be required to sit examinations in their senior secondary years of study.

The students were required to stay focussed and demonstrate stamina for 2 hours to complete the exam. They all rose to the occasion and viewed the experience as a very serious and important assessment. Their maturity was evident.

The exam was in 2 parts. The first being an 'argument analysis' while the second part a 'creative writing piece.' Students were required to demonstrate knowledge and use of persuasive language devices for the former and literary devices such as metaphor, simile, personification, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, alliteration and repetition for the latter. Congratulations to our Year 9 students who showed resilience, courage, tenacity and dogged focus to undertake the English exam under very strict rules and expectations.