Year 2 Sleepover Part 2


A second group of Year 2 students enjoyed a fabulous evening of fun, science, robotics and friendship. Arriving with sleeping bag, pillow and creature comforts including a favourite soft toy or soft rug tucked under arm, the students quickly settled into their evening of firstly, a pizza dinner followed by a series of STEM activities including m-bots, beebots (coding characters), learning how to generate static electricity; and trialling the tolerance of piercing a water-filled plastic bag with sharp pencils to see how many pencils it took to eventually break the seal and so make the plastic bag leak!

Students then enjoyed a refreshing icy-pole before heading off to brush teeth and settle into bed to watch the movie Ramona and Breezus which generated a lot of chuckling and squeals of delight. No doubt all will sleep well. Breakfast will be served on waking and mum and dad will collect their young camper, when no doubt, a monologue of the experience will entertain our students' families.