Year 2 learning to tell the time


Mathematics is a universal language and our Featherbrook College students are keen mathematicians. A statement made by the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Education this morning specific to the importance of numeracy is that it is fundamental to the experience and success of our students. Our teachers at Featherbrook College ensure that a minimum of an hour a day of maths is in place; many of our students enjoy mathematics. Each maths lesson begins with the teacher launching their lessons to activate students’ prior knowledge about the conceptual understandings being explored. This morning, the Year 2 students were learning to tell the time to o’clock, half past and quarter past and quarter to. They were seeking to explain why the hour hand moves and doesn’t always point to the same o’clock. The teacher ensured the students understood what the intention of the learning was and what success would look like as they undertook their learning. The teacher also supported the students’ inquiry into the task and supported building their language to discuss their learning. They jointly creating an anchor chart that became a resource for students to refer back to while undertaking the purposeful task.

Many students were able to demonstrate more precision by telling the time to 5 minute intervals. By all accounts and the students’ reflections, it was a very engaging and highly successful lesson on ’time’ for our Year 2 students.