Year 2 Dance Throughout the Ages Performances!


The description of the most recent performing arts dance demonstrations indicate how much our students enjoy performing, whether it be drama, making music or in this case, moving to the beat of music through dance. The videos the Performing Arts teachers have recorded of the Year 2 students performing their dances, are a type of historical timeline. Here is what Ms Clark and Ms Donovan have to share about their students’ learning and performances which have been uploaded onto our website for all to enjoy.

‘The much anticipated Year 2 Dance Performances are ready to be viewed. The Year 2 students have been working very hard during their Performing Arts sessions in term 1 and term 2 learning about the different dance styles throughout the ages. Starting way back from primitive times through to today! They then worked collaboratively as a class to learn a dance sequence from a particular time era. We are very proud of them. Let’s applaud them for their high expectations and celebrate their success. Congratulations Year 2 students on your wonderful dance performances! ‘

Click on the class below to watch the dance