What's Been Happening ?


This week our students have been enjoying a range of wonderful experiences from life saving activities at Altona Beach to making festive Gingerbread Houses in Food Technology.

Life Saving at Altona Beach activities have been enjoyed by students in Year 3 - 6 this week. Life Saving Victoria plays an instrumental role in educating children about observing safe practices when enjoying water sports and recreational water play. Photos featured are the year 4 students paying close attention to the instructor showing our school values of respect, safety and high expectations.

Our secondary students were showing their creative best this week in Food Technology as they decorated their festive Gingerbead Houses. Baked in last week's sessions, the decoration of these works of art was highly anticipated. Ms Oliver, Food Technology teacher, was very impressed with the final products. The students' families will no doubt look forward to enjoying sharing the treat.

Students may notice the skeleton residing in the gym. Brook is a new addition to the team and has been laser cut on the equipment that is available to the senior students to use across the art and technology curriculums. Ms Biddle had mentioned to Ms Houilhan that she wanted a skeleton to help the juniors understand the bones in their bodies. Ms Houlihan used Adobe Illustrator to draw the skeleton and then enlarged the artwork to be printed and laser cut on the machine. We hope the students enjoy the learning resource.

On walking into the Prep space yesterday, I was struck by a beautifully crafted Christmas Tree that the Prep students had made. Made up of a series of paper chains, the students had taken great care and pride in contributing to this huge work of art. Placed on a curved wall in the learning space, the effect is quite stunning. Nicely done Preps!