Toyota Supra 'Torques' to Students


Today, students were provided an opportunity to see and to learn about the recently released Toyota Supra. This was a very special opportunity as it was an extension of a workshop delivered by one of our Featherbrook parents who, as an engineer/ tester for Toyota, shared her career pathway as part of Education Week earlier in the year. We had many parents support Education Week which had a 'careers' theme and Alex offered her support. Today, students were able to learn about the engineering, environmental and design processes involved in building the new Supra. Currently only one of 25 Supras in Australia, our students' questions for Alex included:

  1. what speed can it reach? A: 100kmph in 4.6seconds
  2. how many horsepower does it have? A: 340HP
  3. how many kilowatts does it have? A: 249 KWatts
  4. how much does it cost? A: $100,000
  5. what colours is the car available in? A: White, grey, red, blue, yellow
  6. what is the size of its motor? A: 3litre
  7. does it have sensors? A: Yes
  8. how many people does it take to build the car? A: many, but a mixture of people and robots make the car.

The Supra display was a great way for our students to consider their own career pathway and the interest level suggests that the Supra certainly whetted our students' appetite to consider engineering; robotics (coding/programming); design; environmental science (to support sustainable travel) as possible future pathways.

Parent Helpers Support our Library

We are most fortunate at Featherbrook College to have parent interest and support in our college as described above for Education Week. We also seek help from our Featherbrook College parents to process some of our resources so that students can readily access them for their learning. Two parents recently, worked away solidly for a number of hours covering newly purchased library books. Jammie and Lama, gave of their time and willingness to help Library Technician Danielle Bary protect arguably, one of our most treasured and loved resources - library books; the library being the nerve centre of our focus on reading. Thank you to all parents who assist the school in the many way they do, as our school is the richer for their support.