Secondary Students Celebrate Science Week


Science Week gave students in years 7 and 8 the opportunity to try some science at home, using materials that were available to them. Students were provided with some websites to explore for inspiration and they discovered some fascinating investigations. Maybe you could have a go at home too!

Photos From Top to Bottom

1. The Bouncy Egg by Ansh Year 7

2. Write Up Submitted by Elliot

Fireworks experiment: What did I use for this experiment? - Clear / transparent cup - Oil (¼ cup) - Food colouring (as many colours as you want) - Small dish - Stirring stick - Water (⅔ cup) Steps: Step 1: Pour the water in the cup. Step 2: In the small dish place the oil and add a few drops of food colouring. Using your stirring stick mix in the food colouring and the oil. Step 3: Gently pour the oil on top of the water. Step 4: Observe the colours traveling through the oil layer, and then mixing in the water. What happened? According to science, when you add food colouring (any colours) and oil together they start to form new interesting colours for e.g. (red blue=purple) and also water is denser than oil so that means the oil will stay at the top of the cup forming bubbles.

3. Mini Magic Show By Suleman

Refraction can change the way we see things. Using a cup of water, Suleman showed us how he made his fork grow in size.