Prep Students Care For Baby Bird


What a surprise some of our Prep students had as they were leaving the school this afternoon. Almost hidden by the tan bark in the garden bed near the stadium, a baby bird lay helpless and alone. Two Featherbrook College prep students swung into action!

Ms Morgan, the college's business manager was in the stadium saying good bye to our prep students at the end of the day when 2 children came running back to her to let her know what they had found, being most concerned for a baby bird they had found. Clearly, as the story goes, the bird had fallen from its nest. The Prep students were most appreciative that Ms Morgan said she would take care of it and call the Point Cook Wildlife Rescue team; a wonderful local group who care for birds and animals in these sorts of situations. Thank you to the 2 Prep children who showed such care, kindness and concern and took action to help the baby bird.