Prep Students Celebrate 100 Days of School!


Our Prep students certainly got into the spirit of celebrating a major milestone today marking the first 100 days of schooling. Students arrived at school in an array of creative, decorative, colourful and very innovative ways to display and wear the number '100'. The children enjoyed multiple activities that focussed on the number 100 and enjoyed a parade to show off the variety of '100 days' outfits. The teachers too got into the spirit of the day and were so transformed in some cases that they were hardly recognisable. It really was a memory making day for students and teachers alike. Thanks must be extended to parents who supported the occasion to ensure their child dressed in amazingly creative ways to celebrate this significant day.

Photo below: Teachers incognito from left to right : Ms Chantelle Kelly, Ms Kayla Kelly, Ms Sarah Bernard, Ms Kim Vu, Ms Marg Sayers, Ms Sam Morrison, Ms Karen Short, Ms Mary Briggs.