Maths, Collaboration and Learning – Day 2 of Term 3!


Literacy and Numeracy are both core to our learning program provision and it was evident today, on our second day of term 3, just how focussed and collaborative our students are in learning together, supporting each other and simply enjoying the maths challenges posed.

3D shape properties and construction were central to the year 3 students’ learning today.

The year 2 students in Ms Baquero’s class were experiencing their maths learning through the applied use of manipulatives to create arrays as a basis for understanding the concept of multiplication.

The year 5 /6 students were also using collaboration to enhance their maths learning experience. Data representation and recording were on the agenda for today’s maths session and it is clear that our senior primary students were drawing on their ability to work with greater complexity to tackle the maths challenges at hand.

Without contradiction, all students were fully engaged in their learning and simply loving being back at school with their friends and their teachers. Welcome back!!