Love your Locals- Werribee Zoo


The presenters provided the audience with details of the 3 species, the habitat they need in which to thrive, and the challenges these species have faced in surviving which has resulted in them being categorised as being endangered.

Our students will join with other students later in the year at Werribee Zoo to present a project on the species they have chosen to support. The students will undertake research and respond to the following key inquiry provocation and challenge to complete the project.

We need smarter, greener town for people and wildlife. How can we create a Victorian western region that is sustainable for people and creates safe habitat for animals like the eastern Barred Bandicoot, the Orange-Bellied Parrot or the Plains Wanderer?’

I look forward to sharing their inquiry journey towards contributing to helping their chosen specie in future blogs.

Check out the Werribee Zoo link explaining more about Love Your Locals