Inspired by Artist Jackson Pollock


The artistic talents of our Featherbrook students continues to be evident in this new school year. Teacher, Louise Johnson provides our young students with knowledge of visual arts techniques through the lens of inspiring artists. Jackson Pollock featured this week and will in the coming weeks through the medium of 'ink'.

The students have begun to look at the way in which Pollock makes use of abstract techniques. Earlier this term, the students experimented with the artist's dripping techniques and on Friday last week, were eagerly awaiting the opportunity to use washable ink to continue their inquiry into 'process-driven' art. Once the art smocks were securely on, the students applied the ink with droppers onto their paper. They used dry and wet brushes to move the ink around the paper to create their own individual works. In the following weeks, the students will collaborate to consider the various ways they can use the ink in other art projects.