Inspirational Weaving


It is always a delight to highlight the incredible creativity of our students and the equally creative visual arts teachers’ creativity. A recent focus for our year 2 cohort of students was the use of recycled cardboard as a canvas on which to paint and augment with woven woollen designs. The painted part of the artwork was inspired by Melinda Harper, enabling the students to explore the art elements line and shape. The students then turned their paintings into a loom by measuring and cutting the sides into thirds and quarters. “Over and under” was their mantra while they did their weaving. This was inspired by an artwork by forty five indigenous women of Aurukun, Queensland.

We speak of students learning through multiple exposures to concepts and skills and it is to be noted how in the process of building these beautiful woven artworks, there has been an incorporation of a number of mathematical concepts involving measurement and directional language. I’m sure you’d agree, the results are quite stunning!!