Holidays@FBC YMCA Spring Holiday Program


What a start to the Spring Holiday program! The sun has been shining and so have the children at Featherbrook YMCA. The children and staff began their holidays with a day at the park and a BBQ lunch. They brought their bikes and scooters along (and helmets) and showed off their skills at the skate park. Following that, the team from Bubble Soccer came to the school showing the children how to do tricks and flips inside the giant inflatable bubbles.

Wednesday was Aqua pulse day! The children and Educators played in the water playground, in the pool and on the water slides. The first week was finished off with a footy colours day where face painting and being dressed up in favourite footy team colours was the order of the day. Here are some comments from the holiday program children describing their favourite parts.

“My favourite part of the first week was the swimming, I went down the big slides. All day was awesome and amazing. It was the best!” – Zena 3/4C

“The best thing about the holiday program is that we do cool things. I’m having lots of fun” – Lincoln Prep E

“Footy Colours , The Park and Aqua pulse were the best because they both have big playgrounds and lots of fun activities to play with my friends” – Olivia 1E

“We went to Aqua Pulse, when I was jumping in the pool and my friends were helping me swim” – Ollie Prep G