Cross COuntry


Some students wore their House colours of green (Eucalyptus), red, (Geranium), yellow (Acacia) and blue (Banksia) to show their House spirit. The encouragement students showed each other and the effort by all runners was evident. Whether first place or finishing later in the field, it mattered not because the school values of collaboration and high expectations were clearly on show. All students enjoyed the opportunity to run for their House and to run with their friends and peers. Participation was the key focus today and so congratulations to all students!

Below, the images show the athletes in full stride while parents watched and encouraged.

Mr Bombaci serves up some well deserved refreshing oranges to assist with recovery.

Students pay attention to some pre-run instructions from Ms Hamilton- Scott

Students off and running!!

Acacia students enjoy a (biodegradable) ticketek celebration!