Featherbrook College – Return to onsite learning


I asked teachers to share some of the excitement and sentiments of their students as they look forward returning for their first few days and it would seem, and not surprisingly, that a common theme was to meet up with friends and their teachers. Some are really keen to work in their school books and to use our fabulous learning spaces, such as the Art Room, Performing Arts Room and the Gymnasium.

Year 2A and 2B decided to do a ‘countdown’ of how many sleeps it is until they return, which the students really enjoyed. Their teachers said the students were very excited about returning to school and were asking lots of questions. Year 2 student Jaiveer, shared that he is very excited to return to school so he could play soccer with his friends Khalif and Ahnaf. Again, the friendship theme is evident.

I hope our blog readers enjoy the comments from the students as much as I did. I know they will bring a smile to your face. Monday (Tuesday and Wednesday) can’t come quickly enough with Preps returning and then on Thursday (and Friday), the Year 1 and 2 students will return. Welcome back!!


"Going back to school to have so much fun" - Alayna

"Because it's our first day back because I want to see all my friends" - Patrick

"Then I can play with my friends and use my school books" - Reneeka

"So I can see all my friends" - Riko

"Because we might even do some art" - Sarayu

"So I can meet my teachers again. I can see Mr McKinnis when I do art and Mr Hassall when I do PE and Ms Donovan to do Performing Arts. And when I'm doing nothing I can see Ms Clement" - Elia (thanks Elia haha)!

"Because I really really REALLY want to see my friends like Leo from Prep H" - Nate

"And because I want to see Ms Clement" - Elia

Year 1

I am very excited to see my friends at school.

I can’t sleep I’m so excited to go back to school.

I’m happy because I get to play with my friends.

I can’t believe we are finally going back, I’m so happy.

I can’t wait to see my teacher.

I can’t want to have fruit break with my friends.

I’m happy I get to see my classroom.

I am sooooooo happy and excited about going back to school.

I have missed my class so much I can’t wait to see everyone.