Featherbrook Basketball Blitz!


A team of senior basketballers enjoyed a day playing their favourite sport today. Heading off on a bus at 9.30am, the boys and one girl Ava, left for the courts at Altona. One of 9 teams, the Featherbrook students had prepared well for the challenges ahead.

It is not accidental that one of our college values is 'collaboration' and this sentiment was characteristically evident when our students were on court. According to supervising teacher Declan Sega, the students represented the school with pride. He commented; They really showed how it's done at Featherbrook. Observe, deduce, infer, conclude and apply. It was great to see them work so collaboratively showing those high expectations as well. The overall result for Featherbrook was 4th placing...out of 9. What an excellent result given our school is still developing in comparison with the established schools competing in the tournament. Congratulations to our star students!!