Celebration Of Water Module


Students took action on environmental issues in the local community both at school and in the wider community by participating and taking part in Clean up Australia Day, National Water Week, World Environment Day and World Water Day.

For World Water Day students spread awareness by creating posters about water and how it is the most essential ingredient for life on earth. Over 300 students participated in this competition. Seeing all the information and creativity students produced was outstanding. A student poster from each year level was chosen to be displayed around the school around taps and where water is used.

The 2021 Sustainability Inquiry focus explored the value and importance of water. Jane from CERES, our Resource Smart partners, supported the students in their endeavours during a sustainability workshop. The students and teachers worked diligently during 2021 to complete a water audit. The water audit is used to assess the school's water use and to see where and how we can make improvements. Exploring the concept of water, which includes a water audit, contributes to several learning areas in the Victorian Curriculum: Critical and creative thinking: Responding effectively to environmental, social and economic challenges requires young people to be creative, innovative, enterprising and adaptable, with the motivation, confidence and skills to use critical and creative thinking purposefully.

Mathematics: Conducting a water audit can incorporate using units of measurement, data and interpretation, chance, patterns, fractions, decimals and numbers.

A group of students in Year 5/6 participated in the Zoos Victoria ‘Love Your Locals’ Fighting Extinction Program. Over a few months the students researched information about the Orange- Bellied Parrot in preparation for a presentation showcase with other schools in the Wyndham area. The students participated in a web conference where they had the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with Zoo Keepers and Wyndham Council members to further their understanding for their project. The students created a visual video presentation that was then uploaded to Zoos Victoria.

As our school grows, the student Green Team supported by the Sustainability PLT (teacher team) will lead and maintain a series of student-run sustainability projects including composting and gardening. In 2022, a number of goals are being pursued: to purchase a shed and gardening equipment to properly maintain our raised garden beds; continue participating in the ‘Love your Locals’ program and proactively impacting our local area through spreading awareness, and respecting and caring for our environment.

Nick McKinnis

Sustainability Coordinator