Celebrating Footy Colours Day


At 8.15am, PE teachers Ms Hamilton-Scott, Mr Hasall and Ms Biddle opened their webex rooms for students, families and staff to join them to start the day actively. Star jumps, dance and using folded socks as a replacement ball to catch and throw, were amongst the range of activities enjoyed. Over 200 of our school community enjoyed an early active start to the day to celebrate Footy Colours Day.

Further, at this point in time, Featherbrook College members have donated $814 to contribute to the Fight Cancer cause which Footy Colours Day represents. It is still not too late to donate.

Here is the link: https://footy-colours-day-2021.raisely.com/featherbrookp9college

Wouldn’t it be great if we managed to raise $1000? If you can, please do so. If you already have….THANK YOU!