Anyone for Cricket?


On the eve of the Ashes first test between England and Australia, our very own Featherbrook College Cricket Team, Year 5 / 6 students, played today as if they were battling for the iconic Ashes!

Competing against nine schools including Point Cook College, Alamanda, Saltwater and Loumin Christi, our cricketers finished the day in 3rd place. Two wins, a close loss and a DNF (did not finish...due to time restraints), the result was nothing short of brilliant. As a very new school in the mix of teams, our Featherbrook cricketers are to be heartily congratulated for representing our college so admirably. Mr Ellis who accompanied the team was very complimentary of Nathaniel, the team captain as he was very fair in selecting the teams and was extremely encouraging of everyone throughout the day. A great result, and every player is to be commended for their efforts.