3 – 6 Assembly


One of the presentations was provided by Kingsley and Lindsay who shared their recent maths learning. The following was the script that Lindsay had written and the students used. I think you’d agree that the writing skills of our year 4 students represented below is remarkable, indicating the quality of our teachers and our students’ commitment to their learning.

This week we have been working on measurement and creating our ‘Mini Me’. We did this because we were learning to measure different objects with informal units and formal units. Informal units are just random things that you can measure such as a pen, a book, or even just a piece of paper. On the other side, formal units are things like a ruler, measuring tape or the grids on our math books. We started our Mini Me by measuring our arms and legs with our peers by using measuring tape. After that, we measured our foot and hands by tracing over them with our pencils. Then we used a paper plate to use as a our body, we decorated our bodies with all kinds of different colours and fancy scrap paper. All of us noticed how we were different in a special way by seeing how different our Mini Me’s were decorated. Our teacher had prepared all sorts of different types of useful pieces that we could use for our creations. We all enjoyed how there were so many varieties of coloured paper.

During this time, we all enjoyed knowing more about each other; our arm length and our body machine. We showed collaboration by helping each other measure and sharing ideas; we showed high expectations by knowing how we are all different in a special way. We showed respect by understanding our different arm/leg lengths doesn’t affect our learning or making friends and we showed safety by using our measuring tools the way it was designed to be used.

Congratulations 4D students and Ms Cavanagh. You did a stellar job hosting the assembly this week!