2020 Prep Transition Begins!


It is that time of the year and in this, our third year of Featherbrook College opening its doors to the children in our neighbourhood, we have begun to welcome next year's Prep students. Before the more formal Prep Transition Program begins, our Prep parents are invited to come into our learning spaces to enjoy reading picture storybooks with their child.

Last week, the first group of our 2020 Preps and their parents made the most of this opportunity. Prep teacher Karen Short began the session by reading a story, followed by an address by Prep Team Lead Chantelle Kelly explaining why it is so important that families make time to explore picture storybooks to prepare children for school. Reading and developing a love of books is crucial for all young children in their early years and is a pre-cursor for success at school as the curriculum becomes increasingly more demanding. Reading proficiency is the currency for success in all areas of school learning and well beyond the years of formal education. It was heartening to see our 2020 Prep families beginning this important journey towards success at school.

The parents and children made the most of the wonderful learning spaces, enjoying the flexible spaces, the comfortable modular furniture and selection of picture storybooks. The parents were provided with a parenting booklet designed to support them to prepare their children for starting school providing Literacy and Numeracy tips.

The Department of Education and Training (DET) publication LITERACY AND NUMERACY TIPS TO HELP YOUR CHILD EVERY DAY A GUIDE FOR PARENTS OF CHILDREN AGED 0-12, is available through the following link: