Year 7 Students Visit the Western TREATMENT Plant


On Friday the Year Seven students made their way to the Western Treatment Plant to further learn about valuing and managing water. Students began the day with a guided bus tour of the Western Treatment (which is equivalent to the size of Phillip Island). Students were amazed by the journey that sewerage in the West takes. Students viewed the many elements which is undertaken to process sewerage into safe recycled water for both the bay and nearby homes.

After students followed the journey of the sewerage, they participated in the Discovery Tour. Students interacted with the displays and learned more about water in our daily lives and strategies to save water in the home. Finally, students participated in creating a water smart city. Students learned the importance of capturing rain water and improving the impact of stormwater on our waterways and bays. Working with Lego, students created a city that was water smart and saw less rain water being washed into the bay. Overall, the day was very informative and engaging. Fun Fact: The Western Treatment plant is 100% powered by methane.