Year 9 Science Experiments


Colourful Density Column : Year 9 students have been learning about chemical reactions. They identified the possible indicators of a chemical reaction. They enjoyed and did a great job in stacking the different colour liquids into the cylindrical tube. The students investigated how liquids with different densities do not mix together. They found out the possible reasons behind why stacking different colour liquids is not a chemical reaction

Carbonated Drink and Mentos/Sand Experiment: Moving forward in the investigation of identifying indicators of a chemical reaction, Year 9s experimented with Mentos and carbonated drink. The experiment went really well. As soon as sand and Mentos went in the bottle, it caused the production of more and more carbon dioxide bubbles, created even more bubbles resulting in the eruption.

Dancing Blue flames: This week Year 9s showed that they are responsible learners and ready to embark on the learning journey of senior year levels. They created their own dancing blue flames using chemicals like Copper Sulphate, Hydrochloric acid and Aluminium. It was worth seeing their efforts in the safe handling of chemicals, curiosity and engagement while creating dancing blue flames.