Year 2 Dance Concert


The Year 2 Dance Concert was held this afternoon. Students performed dances from the eras of 1920s all the way through to the 2000s. This was a culmination of the learning student have undertaken through the Performing Arts program involving students setting goals for themselves and rehearsing in readiness for today's performance.

It was great to see all of the students’ efforts pay off in this entertaining dance event!

Students and parents were treated with a surprise dance from the Year 2 Teaching Team and Performing Arts Teacher, Ms Clark. This highlights the importance of dance at all ages and the value of high expectations and collaboration. Congratulations to all teachers and students for their dedication and efforts in learning a dance!

Thank you to everyone who came to the event and to the staff involved in making this event happen. The concert was filmed and will be put into a short video that will be shown during the school production of Featherbrook’s Got Talent on Thursday 10th October at 7pm at the Wyndham Cultural Centre. Stay tuned for more details to come!