Year 8 & 9 Digital Photography


An exciting part of our educational provision at Featherbrook are the opportunities to provide for our senior students in the secondary years, experiences that explore the realms of possibility. Where the sciences and the arts intersect, true creativity abounds. And so this has been the case with the photographic products of our Year 8 and 9 students. The photos tell the story. Enjoy!

In semester one the year 8 and 9 Digital Photography program enabled students to refine and extend their understanding of composition techniques using angles, the rule of thirds, aperture and shutter speed. Students captured images both at school and at home often using their environments as inspiration. Students were provided with the opportunity to experiment and problem solve whilst developing an understanding of compositional methods and styles. They learned how to achieve different visual effects when shooting images and some took the opportunity to digitally manipulate their image.

To further extend these skills students photographed themes such as shapes, patterns, shadow, angles and compositional rules to put their developing knowledge into practice. Students used their knowledge of the learned theory to create images that were inspired by photographers. They developed an understanding of how the success of an image is strongly influenced by composition. They analysed the way in which audiences make meaning and how audiences interact with and share photographic and media artworks.