Food Technology teacher Kait Oliver set a remote learning challenge for the year 7 students for term 2. In recognition that core curriculum areas are to be prioritised, the food blog challenge has been an enjoyable enrichment opportunity for the students while undertaking their remote and flexible learning plans.

The task was to:

-create a food blog.

- it will be an ongoing assignment once back at school.

- construct the food blog in google power points

- frequency -3 times a week

- include any meal that has been made from scratch at home for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.

Required Information
- Photo of each dish
- Who made the dish and did you help make it?
- Does this dish have any meaning to your or your family? Tell us about it!
- What were the main ingredients
- Sensory analysis completion
- List 2 potential HEALTH & SAFETY hazards that could come from making this dish.

Congratulations to our budding year 7 chefs and their creative and delicious dishes shared on their food blogs.