Wildlife Victoria Says 'Thank You'


Perhaps like at no other time in recent times, is it important to look beyond our immediate circumstances and to give what we can to others, to vulnerable others. The recent bushfires devastated so many rural communities. Our very special Australian indigenous animals suffered greatly and we at Featherbrook College have sought to play our part in rehabilitating surviving animals, indeed species which, in some cases are fighting for their very survival.

Wildlife Victoria has been doing a mighty job in doing significant work to save injured animals and rehabilitating the environments needed to assist survival. This organisation depends on the kindness and good will of donations to undertake their work. The Featherbrook College community answered the call and through Easter goodies donations, 8 Easter hampers were able to be made to raffle. Our college families sold copious raffle books which raised an enormous $2992! Wildlife Victoria was overwhelmed with the utter generosity of Featherbrook College families when told of this amount, and expressed their heartfelt thanks.

Here is how our donation will assist Wildlife Victoria:

Financially supporting wildlife shelters in the direct path of the bushfires to rebuild buildings and animal enclosures

Financially supporting wildlife shelters and carers to care for the influx of animals from the bushfire zones. many of which will need many months of intensive rehabilitation.

Financially supporting local wildlife rescue groups to rescue and support feed surviving animals in and around bushfire affected areas, who in turn are supporting struggling local food supply businesses

Financially supporting mobile triage units for animals in fire affected areas across Victoria.

Assisting with habitat regeneration projects to ensure that rehabilitated animals have somewhere to return to when they are ready to be released