Celebrate The Arts!


The students have been busy in their Performing Arts sessions with Ms Donovan and Ms Clark learning about the elements of music and the different instrument families, with a focus on percussion instruments. Students created their very own homemade percussion instruments out of recyclables, highlighting the importance of sustainability. They then used these instruments to learn and create rhythm patterns. The Year 2 students also worked collaboratively to learn a song as a class using the percussion instruments. Congratulations on all of your performances this term Year 2 students! Enjoy the music compilation : :

Year 2 Percussion Compilation

Year 1 students had a sustainability focus for their last project this year were they learnt about the importance of recycling and reusable bags. Students brainstormed designs for their own reusable bag that they are all excited to use to minimise plastic waste in the world. Students were introduced to textile art and exposed to new mediums to create their bag. Practical and sustainable!

Enjoy your sustainable bags Year 1 students!