What are the Chances of a Circuit Breaker Lockdown?


The Year 2 students enjoyed a warm-up and tuning- into their new maths unit with a short clip from the movie ' Cloudy with Chance of Meatballs - It's Raining Burgers'...what are the chances of it raining burgers? The students then explored the vocabulary specific to their learning such as perhaps, maybe, possibly, even- chances and much more, brainstorming their collective knowledge. Posed with the purposeful task and armed with language of chance and probability, they were further challenged about the concept of 'likelihood' using a probability scale. Ms Crampton and 2B students are to be congratulated for their engagement in this learning while concurrently managing the online webex learning complexities.

I joined 3G and Mr Anstey's webex session today while they were focused on writing; specifically, editing writing. Editing can be a very challenging task for students. However, with the prior knowledge and further learning that was taking place today, it would seems that the writing prowess of our Year 3 students is well on the way to being of considerable quality. One might be forgiven for thinking the webx session was about anatomy or food technology when the acronyms of 'ARMS' and 'CUPS' were used however, they were the tools the students were exploring to edit their writing. Well done 3G on your editing learning today. The remote and flexible learning experience did not limit your engagement and writing skill progression.