Welcome back to school for 2021! After such a long break, students, and parents no doubt were very keen to see the beginning of the school year yesterday. The students made their way to their learning spaces eager to meet friends and teachers. Students took no time to settle in; even the 144 Prep students who began their school experience at Featherbrook College! I visited as many learning spaces as possible since our return yesterday and captured the industrious students learning together, choosing library books and deepening their working knowledge of our school values : High Expectations, Safe, Respect and Collaboration.

It was also great to see that students had returned to school with an appreciation of our college's approach to being sustainable in our practices. Nude food has been promoted at the college from the day we opened in 2017. We have since gained 3 out of 5 stars to become a Resourcesmart school. Thank you to those families who support our simple approach to minimising landfill by packing snacks and lunch as nude food. Our goal of course is to have 100% of our school community bring only nude food to school and I think we are well on our way!

While our first day back to school was warm and comfortable weather, the second day provided the variety we are accustomed to in Melbourne. What a contrast to the day before, however, the myriad of different umbrellas that came through the gates was a wonderful sight - almost a moving art piece. Some were colourful, some less so; some large and some smaller, some high, some low. The rain didn't deter our families and the smiles were indicative that all were very pleased to be back at school for 2021!