This week students were learning about free range eggs and were challenged to make some style of egg dish. For many, this was the first time they had ever made an egg dish before which is egg-citing. This coming week they will be designing chicken coops!

The students were required to consider the following while creating their delicious, aromatic and appealing egg meal.

The Big Egg Project Outline: ● Eggs and Manufacturing ● Free Range and sustainability processes ● Designing a Home Chicken coop ● Creating Egg related Foods ● Using creative thinking and design skills to construct egg based menus ● Using research and analysis skills to refine designs

Task: Students were asked to make breakfast using one of the eggs making methods for a family member (under supervision). They were required to record how they made the egg dish and to create a sensory analysis of the experience.

We clearly have some Master Chefs in the making and just in time for treating mum on Mother's Day!