The Art Of Weaving


Visiting our Visual Arts spaces always leaves me with a sense that I have been on a walk through a gallery, so imaginative and stunning are the works of art produced. With knowledgeable and creative art teachers by their side, all of our students are afforded opportunities to be their most creative selves.

Our young Year 1 student above is working with a large version of a weaving loom. I watched yesterday as the teacher introduced the concepts being explored. The worked example provided, gave the students a real life and life- size appreciation for the weaving work they would soon be enjoying. The richness of the vocabulary was particularly evident and worked to complement parts of the maths curriculum in the use of directional language such as over, under, in and out, opposite, up and down. The language of weaving itself added to the richness of vocabulary for the students including loom and weft (the strips that are used to weave in and out of the loom. The students clearly enjoyed the experience as well as refining their dexterity and fine motor skills.