Talking To Your Child About COVID-19’


The Department of Education and Training provides schools with current and practical information to support school communities to respond to COVID -19. Over the coming days I will be drawing from the following DET link, sharing helpful suggestions to support our Featherbrook College parents and carers to have reassuring conversations with their children about the Coronavirus.

Don’t Be Afraid To Discuss COVID – 19 With Your Child

  • Most children will have already heard about coronavirus. Parents and carers should take the opportunity to talk to them about the current situation.

  • Honest and regular communication is key. Not talking about something can make children worry more.

  • Children often rely on their friends and social media for the news. Parents and carers can help by positioning themselves as a trusted source for information and as a person who can help children with their questions.

  • Adapt Information Depending On Your Child’s Age

  • Try to remain calm and positive when talking to your child.

  • Think about your child’s age. Offer information using language and examples they’ll understand.

  • It’s okay if you can’t answer everything – and to say you’re not sure. Use this as an opportunity to find out information together. Being available to your child is what matters.

  • Be careful not to share too much information all at once, as this may be overwhelming.

  • Avoid talking in a way that could make your child feel more worried.