Sustainability Inspires Poet


Whilst my previous blog focussed on aspects of the mathematics curriculum, it drew on some key work at Featherbrook in response to contributing each day to making our world more sustainable. Nude food features along with a heightened awareness of how we consider our part in sustainably managing our immediate environment. Building on from our year 1 students' learning, Year 8 students have been working to inspire through the might of the 'word', specifically, in the form of poetry. The task was to choose from any form of poetry such as Haiku, limmerick, sonnet, acrosstic or free verse to mention a few, to create a message of inspiration to play our part in protecting the natural world. The following free verse from one of our year 8 students is quite contemporary but carries a message from those who will inherit the earth as the next generation. It reflects our college matra: Local Education; Global Future.

Running around with glee

Is a worn out old bee

He was after me,

I left it alone without throwing trash

Sustainability comes in mass.

Saw a student throwing trash

I was very mad.

SoI called up me, and my lad,

We cleaned it up, we cleaned up the trash