Supporting Your Child To Set Up A Learning Environment


Whilst the Department of Education and Training has not at this current point in time, indicated that remote learning for students will commence in term 2, ahead of the possibility, I will be sharing remote learning suggestions and good practices from The Department in my blog over the coming days. These suggestions may be considered good practices more generally, when creating an effective homework space and environment.

Setting up a learning environment

We recognise that every home is different. Where possible, it is important to provide a quiet and comfortable learning space. Your child may have a regular place for doing homework under normal circumstances, but this space may not be suitable for an extended period of time. For some families, having all children around one table may work best.

Where possible, extended learning should take place in a space your family shares. For example, a lounge room or dining room. These spaces are preferable over a bedroom, where:

  • it can be isolating for your child

  • supervision can be more challenging.

  • It should be a place:

  • that can be quiet at times

  • that has a strong internet signal, if possible

  • where you or another adult is present and monitoring your children’s learning.

How to support your child

You can provide support for your child by:

  • establishing routines and expectations

  • providing a space for your child to work in

  • providing a level of supervision appropriate to your child’s stage of development

  • monitoring communications from teachers

  • checking in with your child often to help them manage and pace their work

  • monitoring how much time your child is spending online.