Students....Take a Bow!

During our in -school virtual assemblies in term 2, there has been an emphasis on sharing with students and teachers, the extent to which each class has engaged with reading through Wushka, the Premier's Reading Challenge or capturing reading through a reading log.

Assistant Principal Ms Dale Brown and Library Technician Ms Danielle Bary painstakingly work out the statistics for every home group in the school as P - 2 , Years 3 - 6 and Years 7 - 9. This week, the Prep to Year 2 students enjoyed a video that Ms Brown created so that acknowledgements could be made to those classes who have read the most books during the previous week, and to encourage every student to 'read, read, read'!

Congratulations to Prep F and G who read the most books last week, and also to students in 1G, 1I and 2C who read the most PRC books. Whilst congratulations are in order for these students as readers of so many books, your learning through reading so much, is the ultimate achievement! Well done!


As all of our families know, we have a considerable focus on reading at Featherbrook College. Whether it be reading to learn, reading for pleasure, reading for entertainment, reading for information and reading for and to others, we know the value of reading.