Students Show Our College value of High Expectations!


Ordinarily our students, staff and parents would be celebrating the achievements of our students at each assembly where the now, much coveted House Award is recognised through weighing the house tokens that have been earned by students in classrooms and in the playground. Instead, remote learning has resulted in House Tokens being awarded 'virtually.'

Below are the House Acknowledgement Totals from April 15 (first day of term 2) - May 7. Congratulations to Geranium, Red House!

Featherbrook College students have received over 12,500 house acknowledgements recorded on Compass in just 17 days! By showing the expectations on our Remote and Flexible Learning Matrix as well as the expectations on our Whole School Matrix, students have shown that they don't have to be on site at school to display and live our Featherbrook Values of Respect, Collaboration, Safety and High Expectations.