It was a sight to behold today as our Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students came through our 7 open gates, welcomed by teachers and staff equipped with hand sanitiser and a welcoming smile.

Returning to school after so many weeks, indeed months of remote learning may have generated a range of emotions and uncertainty but if this was the case, it was not evident today. Students arrived with parents and carers well prepared and clearly ready for learning and reacquainting with friends and teachers. Observing strict hand hygiene throughout the day, being respectful in observing personal space and equipment use, students were well supported by teachers working together to develop shared anchor charts with key messages about how to stay safe and well. All children came along with a named personal drink bottle, again, to observe best practice in maintaining personal health. Parents and families are to be congratulated in the way they have provided support and encouragement for children during this remote and flexible learning period and it is a reflection on the home/school partnership that students have returned to school so settled and ready to re-engage with peers and teachers and learning.