School Wide Positive Behaviour Virtual Tokens Awarded StUDents!


Featherbrook College from its inception just over 3 years ago based our work, our learning, our teaching and our vision, on the 4 core values that have been the pillars of our community building.

The current situation where COVID 19 has dictated a different mode of learning and engagement for our students and families to ensure social distancing is observed. It has brought to the fore a test of demonstrating our values: Respect for others, Safety (taking risks with our learning in a remote space); Collaborating with others through learning platforms; and demonstrating High Expectations when undertaking our learning accordingly.

Students, teachers and parents alike are all working really hard to demonstrate these values in the best way we can. It has been important that students and teachers seek ways to maintain the familiar, that which is known, as much as possible. The college community is very familiar with the school values that are promoted and recognised through the School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPBS) matrix. Teachers have worked to create an online SWPBS presence of affording House tokens based on the behaviour matrix. Ms Katie Abela and the SWPBS team have supported the teachers to virtually award and record tokens in the Compass portal. Our students are earning points for their House already, after only 3 days of remote and flexible learning.

Students are awarded tokens for completing their reading on Wushka or in a Compass reading log, maths on IXL and phonemic work on Soundwaves. Increasingly as learning tasks are added and completed through Google classrooms, Compass Learning Tasks and other platforms to be implemented over time where greater collaboration can occur, there will be increased opportunity to show our values of Respect, Collaboration, High Expectations and being Safe on line.

Congratulations to each of our students who have earned tokens for their House over the first 3 days of remote and flexible learning. When we eventually return to our fabulous Featherbrook College learning spaces, we will all have gained a heightened appreciation for what it means to be Respectful, Safe, Collaborative and to demonstrate High Expectations.

These are the token tally results for our first 3 days. Congratulations to Eucalyptus.

Geranium – 225; Eucalyptus – 249; Banksia – 219; Acacia - 243