Return to School Today!


Finally the day arrived! The anticipation of it was palpable and the excitement equally so! Prep to Year 9 students ALL returned to school after weeks and weeks of learning remotely. Friends meeting up with friends after so long meant that smiles were on everyone's faces!

I enjoyed walking through many of the learning spaces and seeing the school values of collaboration, being safe (and hygienic), showing high expectations and being very respectful of others in place. With the majority of our students on site today, and for many, a long 10 weeks ago was the last time they had been in the school, today was welcomed by students and teachers alike. The students settled into routines as if they had not been off site at all. It is apparent from the snapshots below that all students played their part in participating and being engaged in the learning programs provided: Physical Education, Maths assessments, writing about character traits and text to text connections, learning about sharing/fractions and division and also learning about how everyone in the school should abide by the hand hygiene expectations to keep all safe. Congratulations to our Featherbrook students, their teachers and parents who ensured today's transition back to school as a WHOLE school was so successful!

Photos top to bottom:

Ms Princi & Ms Camilleri and year 1 students

Mr Spiteri and a secondary PE class

Year 2 students sharing their learning on fractions

Secondary students ensuring hand hygiene processes are observed

Year 1 students writing about text connections

Mr Turner and Year 1 students learning about taking a position on an issue...using a mentor text to support their learning

Ms Valencich and Prep students undertaking some 'essential assessments'

Prep students working on their fine motor skills.