Preps and Year 2s Learn Through Feedback from Year 7 Students


Today I stepped into the stadium where I noticed a varied group of students of different ages enjoying a range of activities such as quoits, using soccer goals and rebound nets to promote eye/hand coordination and activities that build on balance, judgement and agility.

I asked one of the year 7 students what sort of feedback she had provided her young learners and she described how she had reflected back to them, about their directional stance when aiming to toss the quoit over the post.

The Year 2 and prep students were working on a fundamental movement circuit of which they were being assessed by their teachers for their running ability in line with the curriculum and developmental sequence taught in previous lessons. The Year2s and preps had learnt about the importance of collaborative communication and that listening is essential to improving skills within sporting contexts when someone gifts you with feedback.

The students' reflections below are indicative of the worth of cross-age programs such as this, benefitting all students, both younger and more senior.

Year 7

’The younger students were nice to each other, and shared things when there weren’t enough.’

‘Working with the preps made me feel socially engaged as they were listening to my feedback and improving their technique’

‘Many of the preps learned best from me showing them (kinaesthetic) how to perform the activity’

Year 2

The feedback I received was:

’To improve my soccer kicking I needed to use the inside of my foot not my toes’

‘Use my legs for power when shooting the basketball’

‘Look at the target and aim with my opposite hand’

’Throw the ball higher and to look at my target’

’Take my time and aim, its not a rush after dribbling’


What did you like about working with the year 7s?

‘I got to see my friends from year 7 that I play with at lunch sometimes’

’They helped me by making PE fun and showing me how to kick the ball'