Prep Community Celebration


The Prep students were celebrating the end of their inquiry focus for term one which was based on our local community, being part of a community and those who help us in our community. Parents had gone to a great deal of effort to support their child to dress in a community member costume that interested their child. The students also did some local research about their school as a community in itself, and so asked people in the school to tell them about the role they play. I was able to share with Prep E and F, some of the jobs that I might do in the course of a day as did some of the Assistant Principals. The students had a guest speaker who shared information about their work as a nurse too. In fact, I thought I had walked into a hospital at one stage as all of the Prep teachers were wearing nursing scrubs! It was a highly successful inquiry unit and dressing up to celebrate their learning was thoroughly enjoyed by our Prep students