Premiers' Reading Challenge


Congratulations to our PRC award recipients. Arshia, Ivy and Muhamma who have been recognised this week for reading the most books for the week.

Launched during remote learning, the Premiers' Reading Challange has been a maintay at Featherbrook College over the last 3+ years. The school has been involved in the Challenge from our inception in 2017. It is a key platform on which we promote the love of reading, the love of good literature and the love of learning through reading.

Our award recipients would all be in agreement that the books they have enjoyed over the past week have amused, entertained and informed them, and made them wonder. They are well on their way in reaching the required books to meet 'The Challenge.' Many of our students have been reading even more books to not only take on the challenge but because they know that reading and reading daly and regulalry will ensure they succeed in school and offer life opportunities. Congratualtions to all of our PRC students! It's not too late to join the challenge as September is still a number of months away. Remember that Wushka books (of which there are thousands) can be counted in the books read. Happy reading!!