Postcards - Virtual Travel


The imagination and creativity of our students never fails to astound me. Ms Houlihan, Visual Arts teacher set a challenge for the year 5 / 6 students. Remote learning presents us with opportunities if we so seek to look for them. The students were set a challenge that ' if we were not in lock down where would they like to visit.'

The students discussed looking at images from above and using a bird’s eye view. They searched via maps, places to which they would like to travel. The students took screen shots of the map and the satellite view. It had been discussed that using the map view to create a plan for the artwork, would make it easier to see the shapes of the landmarks as well as the roads. The students then used whatever medium they had at home to finish their postcard.They we encouraged to also write on the front of the postcard explaining the view, the art elements they used and what they would like to do on their virtual holiday.

The results were outstandingly creative! We have some jets-setters in the making!

Ms Houlihan generated with the students, word banks reflecting texture, colour and shapes to assist with the creative development of their postcard image as well as the text to accompany the artwork.