Our New School Crossing


Some of our families who make their way to school on the Whisper Boulevard side of the college will have been watching the evolution of the school crossing on Whisper Boulevard, near the corner of Regal Road.

It is heartening to see that as our school has grown there is evidence of improved local infrastructure that supports our families' safety while promoting a more sustainable approach to travelling to school. The Wyndham City Council is keen to partner with the college to encourage our students and their families to leave the car at home or park it further away from the school to encourage increased active travel. Walking and cycling are encouraged and I acknowledge the families who keenly support minimising traffic congestion and support their child to actively make their way to and from school. The new crossing on Whisper Boulevard will be operating as a supervised crossing from this coming Monday. I know our school community will warmly welcome the new crossing supervisor Richard, just as they warmly greet our supervisors on Boardwalk Boulevard and Regal Road each day.