Our Latest Acquisition - Yamaha Piano!


Featherbrook College has, from its inception, ensured our students have enjoyed an all round educational experience. While literacy and numeracy are our core and key learning areas, providing a balance with The Arts is most important. Performing Arts allows our students to enjoy, music, dance and drama. We have recently taken possession of a new instrument which happens to be one of my favorite.

We have been most fortunate to have had this beautiful piano gifted to us. Shipped all the way across Melbourne from the Dandenong Ranges area, this piano brings with it a history of being played with joy, love and delight. It brought happiness to the pianist who owned it and also brought happiness to the home in which it was played. It is fitting that we provide a new home for this piano knowing it will bring joy and opportunity to many students at Featherbrook, well into the future. It has been placed in the theatrette where it will be used for small performances. Being adjacent to the Performing Arts room, it will also be used within the Performing Arts program. Sincere thanks to the generous person who gifted this to Featherbrook College. It will be treasured and enjoyed.