Our First 2020 Assembly


Students in Year 1 and 2 gathered together in the stadium to enjoy their first assembly for 2020. Our assembly structure remains largely the same as 2019 where Wednesday, 2.15pm is scheduled for this important part of our school programming and where we celebrate highlights of our school and student learning and participation. Today, whilst scheduled to be a Prep - 2 assembly, our Preps have yet to commence school on Wednesdays (this occurring from March)and so our Year 1 and 2 students came together to share messages of how to demonstrate our school values, of Respect, Safety, High expectations and Collaboration. Year 2 students with the help of Ms Abela, shared some very creative and informative videos on how to live the college values. Students Harper and Mikey expertly read a message of encouragement to promote the importance of contributing to a more sustainable world by reducing plastics use and bringing our snack and lunches as 'nude' food' in reusable containers. .

Our assembly concluded with an explanation of the SWPBS token system that will acknowledge the House with the most tokens each term, rather than waiting until the end of the year. The first 'weighing' of the tokens earned by our Prep - 2 students in our first 2 weeks of school took place. Congratulations to Acacia (yellow house) students who had earned the most so far. Tokens are of course earned by students for demonstrating our core college values and our teachers are always looking through an admiring lens to encourage safe, collaborative and respectful behaviours and so resulting in the demonstration of high expectations.