Our Biodiversity Learning Story


In 2019, Featherbrook College focussed on the ResourceSmart biodiversity module to progress the college’s contribution to a more sustainable world. Not only was the learning for our students engaging and enriching furthering their appreciation for the critical purpose in protecting and promoting biodiversity, the module has been a hurdle for our college to attain our ResoureSmart School third sustainability star.

Students took action to improve biodiversity in the local community both at school and in the wider community. Featherbrook's kitchen garden had its beginnings firmly rooted in our very first year when the 2017 student leadership group supported the design of the first planter boxes. Since then, there has been numerous efforts to build up our edible garden.

The 2019 Sustainability Inquiry focus for Year 1 students explored food cycles and growing their own food to reduce the carbon footprint of fresh produce. Alice from CERES, our Resource Smart partners, supported the students in their endeavours during a sustainability workshop. The students and teachers worked diligently during 2019 to maintain, weed, mulch, water and care for the range of green vegetables in the garden including sweet peas, butter leaf lettuces, kale, broad beans and parsley.

A group of students in Year 5/6 participated in the Zoos Victoria ‘Love Your Locals’ Fighting Extinction Program. Over a few months the students researched information about the Orange- Bellied Parrot in preparation for a presentation showcase with other schools in the Wyndham area. The students participated in a web conference where they had the opportunity to ask questions and share ideas with Zoo Keepers and Wyndham Council members to further their understanding for their project. The students created a visual presentation as well as raised funds to support breeding projects at Zoos Victoria. They did this by selling show bags filled with origami, bookmarks and chocolates…..very enterprising!

Congratulations to the students who raised $90 for Zoos Victoria! In addition to educating others as well as building their own knowledge to support endangered species, the students participated in planting native grasses and shrubs at Werribee Zoo to increase habitats and so encourage local species live and breed there. So inspired by this work, the students have been keen to explore the possibility of undertaking similar work in our college grounds.

As our school grows, the student Green Team supported by the Sustainability PLT (teacher team) will lead and maintain a series of student- run sustainability projects including composting and gardening. In 2020, a number of goals are being pursued: to purchase a shed and gardening equipment to properly maintain our raised garden beds; continue participating in the ‘Love your Locals’ program and proactively impacting our local area through spreading awareness, and respecting and caring for our environment..